November 2018 Newsletter

Dear Partners and Friends of the ministry,

All is well with the churches and Bible college.  At present, there are four actively enrolled students, three males and one female.  Two other students (a couple) are on the list to enroll next semester the delay due to legal procedures.

Since my return, the problems had mounted from weather conditions effecting the phone lines and electricity.  The power outages lasted for a duration of three weeks and a night out of each that lasted until around nine the next morning.  There were no fans but sweltering heat, and partially spoiled food in the refrigerator.  Even as this letter is being typed, it is extremely hot here, but tolerable since nothing can be done about it. My guess is that the weather has begun to change overseas? Some of your coldness could be welcomed here and maybe vice-versa according to your taste.  However, we continue to give “thanks” because it could be worse.



Since the beginning of this year there’s been a sharp decrease in the support base, with a loss of some supporters for various reasons.  We are making an appeal to some that receives the newsletter that has never given, if they would consider supporting the ministry on a monthly basis with a gift of at least $20.00 or more or whatever the Lord lays on your heart to do, At present, there are three pastors that receives a hundred dollars a month from what comes in.  And the Bible college has one teacher that assists me, and his salary is $85 a month.  He’s married with a six-year old daughter.  It is difficult for him and presently, he’s abroad working to supplement his income.  Only one of the new students in the college is jobless two have a job and one operates a home business.  They pay their tuition as they are able therefore it is a hardship to pay the teacher more since his pay comes from my allowance.  I’m grateful and thankful to God for you that have partnered continually since the ministries’ inception back in 1984. and to the others who became supporters since that time and remained faithfully through the years.

We do not like to make an appeal like this but finds it necessary.  The treasurer is much aware of this since she handles the incoming funds. I thank you in advance for your help.



The missions’ house was built in 2007 and is now being utilized to help ministry friends who would rather stay in a home setting instead of a hotel.  I’m glad because that is its purpose.  We enjoy cooking and providing comfort for the ministers and guests who is a blessing to the home.  Many provide food and assist in whatever area of the ministry that is needful.  So I’m adding this to the newsletter when you desire to visit to notify Violet and she will give you details on what would be a help in the one area of resources that would bring fulfillment.



Evangelism and street meetings, tract ministries, hospital visitations, schools and community outreaches.  Prayers are being heard and answered. Men are beginning to come into the churches.  Pastor Onnie and Marginelle Kirk, His son and three youth were here in mid-October and blessed us with anointed teachings on “Fatherhood and Family” which were rewarding to the men.  He ministered to seven men on a Sunday evening and baptized one young man who is planning on getting married before the end of this week if all works out. (He’s lived with his expected wife to be for twelve years), there are two sons and a baby daughter from this union.  He want rings for the two of them but is unable to buy them because he only works one day out of the week and is seeking employment.  SINCE A door was opened for me to come to the states for Thanksgiving I now have a ticket for November 20th until December 3rd. and would love to bring rings for this couple that are newly converts and members to LCC.  In addition, he’s a talented musician with skills as a drummer, bass guitarist, and keyboard player. That’s another answer to prayer.  (For musicians) If anyone wants to help towards the purchase of wedding rings please contact Violet and let her know so I can bring them back on my return.



  • Giant Print Bibles and Study Bible for students
  • Weddings Rings for a couple (I will get the sizes)
  • Supporters for the ministry (Monthly Gifts of $20.00 or more)
  • Cordless Microphones, Microphones, Keyboard, and Tambourines

When you visit Jamaica, it is noted for Jerk Chicken and Festivals, Jerk Pork, Roasted Sweet Potatoes, and Sweet Potato Pudding – Scotchies is enroute to and fro from the airport a nice place to check out if your stomach is crying out for hunger!  See the pictures below!