Drs. Gladstone & Evelyn Fairweather

Dr. Gladstone “Pastor Stoney” Fairweather and his wife, “Pastor” Evelyn established The Lord’s and Fairweather Theological Seminary and six churches in Jamaica.  He is also a Justice of the Peace of the Government of Jamaica. 

Pastor Stoney was born and reared in Jamaica.  After graduating from high school, he came to the United States and worked his way through school at Elim Bible Institute in Elim, NY, where he received a diploma in Theology.  He was then awarded a scholarship to William Jewell College in Liberty, MO, and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology in 1960.  After graduation, he did research at St. Louis’ University Hospital and taught biology in high school.  In 1964, he received a Master’s Degree from East St. Louis’ extension school of Southern Illinois University and taught a freshman biology lab at SIU.  Then he was awarded a scholarship to the University of Southern California and, in 1970, earned an Interdisciplinary MS in Public Administration and Health Administration.

After graduation, he was recruited by New York City’s Health and Hospital Corporation to be its Paramedical Care Director in charge of training for the city’s 18 hospitals.  In 1972, he was recruited by Meharry Medical Center in Nashville, TN, to be the first Director of its outpatient clinic and remained in that position until he resigned to return to Jamaica in 1984.

Evelyn Blakney- Fairweather, “Pastor Evelyn” was born in Alabama, attended universities in Tennessee and Illinois.  She completed Post graduate work in learning disabilities, drug abuse and urban education and taught school for fifteen years in Chicago.  During that time, she spent her weekends evangelizing, conducting revivals, and participating in prison ministry.

In 1978, Pastor Stoney met Pastor Evelyn through a friend who orchestrated a trip for her to fly down from Chicago to Nashville, where he served as an Elder at The Lord’s Chapel .  The following year, The Lord’s Chapel sent him with sixteen others to Jamaica to conduct a crusade in Duncans,Trelawny  just a few miles from Samuel Prospect – Pastor Stoney’s hometown. He invited her on this mission trip.  After they returned to the states, he immediately proposed to her, they were married in June 1980,  she relocated to Tennessee and was was employed as a Learning Disability Specialist for the Metro Board of Education in the city of Nashville where she taught for three years until their migration.   

Pastor Stoney preached and took missionary groups to Jamaica each year.  After graduation, he used his vacation time to take missionary groups to Jamaica every year until he returned permanently.  As early as his first mission trip to Jamaica in 1960, he felt God calling him back there.  In 1978, God gave him a vision of a large church building and a Bible School to train young men and women to go throughout the Caribbean Islands as missionaries.  In 1984, they knew their hour had come, so The Lord’s Chapel ordained him. He and Pastor Evelyn resigned their positions, sold their home and moved to Jamaica.

The vision God gave Pastor Stoney was:

  • To propagate the gospel of the Lord Jesus throughout the West Indies.
  • To build a sanctuary and a training facility to train men and women in theology and secular education.
  • To establish churches in all 14 parishes.
  • To establish a strong system of education for pre-school to high school based on Christian excellence and high scholastic foundations.
  • To take Jamaica for the Lord by training men and women who are filled with the Holy Spirit and with a sound educational foundation that will enhance them to enter the kingdoms of this world to take them for the Lord Jesus.

Lord’s and Fairweather Theological Seminary – Duncans, Samuel Prospect District, Trelawny, Jamaica, West Indies

Jamaica is divided into parishes which are like counties in the U.S.  Each parish is divided into districts which are like American towns or communities.  Samuel Prospect is a district in the parish of Trelawny in the north central region of the island.  Trelawny is Jamaica’s poorest parish, boasting very little of the tourism that benefits much of the country.

The seminary opened in 1984 with an enrollment of 50 students.  Pastors Stoney and  Evelyn were the teachers and there was no tuition.  For the first eight years, they were affiliated with the International Bible Institute of Plymouth, Florida.  In 1991, both Fairweather’s earned  Master’s of Theology, and  two Doctorates in Ministry from International Bible Seminary.  (AKA) International Bible Institute.

But the students, many of whom had not finished high school and could not read, could not keep up with the rigorous schedule.  “LFTS is geared toward people who have a calling on their lives, not high scholastic standing,” said Pastor Stoney.  In 1991, they began writing their own curriculum in order to move more slowly and meet the students where they are.  They also added a literacy school which meets simultaneously with the school to prepare students who want to enter the school but cannot read.

In 1986, 24 students graduated.  Since then, over 800 have graduated.  Pastors Stoney and Evelyn taught as well as 7 additional teachers, a librarian and a custodian. The resources needed to keep the school opened, were: $35,000J for 7 teachers, $3,000J for the librarian and $2,500J for the custodial  totaling $40,500 Jamaican Dollars which is the equivalent of $482.14 per month in U.S. dollars.

The current cost for a student to attend LFTS is $300.00 US Dollars annually.  Many who have been called to the ministry are unemployed and desire to attend the college, but cannot afford the tuition.  Students are sponsored with an annual donation or monthly payments of $30.00 for 10 months or $50.00 for 6 months

Lord’s Chapel Churches

There are six Lord’s Chapel Churches and each pastor is a LFTS graduate who works tirelessly to feed and nurture the flock under their care.  In the Spring of 2012, most of the churches were in revival to win souls for the Kingdom of GOD.  The thrust is on the YOUTH and CHILDREN since they  are the future church; the maturing of the present lambs and sheep; laborers for the harvest; visiting shepherds, prophets, teachers, and evangelists that are available to come and minister; teachers for the college; tent crusades and  evangelizing the districts of the Lord's Chapel Churches.

Samuel Prospect LCC (Founding Church) Pastors Stoney and Evelyn oversee this church along with three graduates from LFTS who serve as Youth Pastor, Children's Pastor and Elder.  Goals for 2012 are evangelism with a thrust toward one-on-one soul-winning, to launch several crusades, to build, train and get the Body of Believers out of their comfort zones so they can serve the Lord with gladness by getting them involved in the things of the Lord. 

SISTER Churches:

Wake Field LCC . –is pastored by Dalhia Jarrett. It is the second sister church.

Canaan LCC .  Pastors Miguel and Deborah Samuels work together as an husband and wife team.

Lilliput LCC  Yvonne Campbell-Taylor- is pastor.   Lilliput has lots of youth and children. Lilliput is in a small rented facility - it is the only church not owned. .

Dee Side LCC Wake Field LCC is nearby, so the officers and ministers support Pastor Campbell-Taylor there. 

Calabar LCC Pastor Mervin Bookal accepted the pastoral assignment two years ago with his wife, Patricia. 


National Christian Lifetime Awards (NCLA)

In November, 2010, the NCLA notified The Lord's Chapel Church, Samuel's Prospect, Trelawney, that Dr. Fairweather was one of the  selected nominee’s of fourteen Parishes to be awarded the “Award of Honor of a Christian Patriarch”. The award celebrates his contribution in community services and his impact to his district and community due to his diligence as Pastor, Bible school founder, community organizer, administrator, Marriage Officer, J. P. Counselor; and a loving husband thus setting an example to those who will follow to carry the torch.  The 2010 NCLA Ceremony was held Tuesday August 24, 2010 at the Wyndham Hotel in New Kingston.

The NCLA Council was established in March 2008 and embarked on its mandate to honor Matriarchs and Patriarchs in the Christian faith, who have given extended years of dedicated service to our nation.  Individuals must meet the following criteria in order to qualify for the award:

  1. Have been involved in ministry for more than forty (40) years.
  2. Because of their ministry, a profound impact has been made on the Body of Christ, at large.
  3. Are examples of those who are indeed Christians, not in word only, but also in character and lifestyle.
  4. Have dedicated their life to promoting the cause and forwarding the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  5. Will leave a legacy that reaches farther than just their local assembly, but is “noised abroad”.
  6. Have made substantial contributions to their community, parish, and the nation of Jamaica.
  7. Because of their ministry, souls have come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.